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VerStandig Media - WAYZ/WBHB/WIKG/WLIN


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About Us

We believe in radio's power to reinforce and enhance the impact of any well thought-out marketing effort. In a society of time-starved and hectic consumer lifestyles, radio stays closer to the consumer for longer periods of time during prime buying hours than any other advertising medium.

We are serious about radio! The studios and transmitting facilities of VerStandig Media utilize cutting edge technologies from digital audio systems to high-powered transmitting rigs. However, VerStandig Media knows that it is the people who make a radio station come alive.

Radio provides a unique reach, frequency, targeting, mobility and is cost effective. VerStandig Media is proud to offer some of the area's best radio stations. Allow us to provide your business with insight into how you can use radio most effectively as an alternative to or in combination with other media.


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